Unintentional Innuendo

As parents we often appreciate when animated movies or TV shows add adult-targetted jokes. These jokes provide us with a special moment to chortle away and feel superior about our vast understanding of humour. While our children bust a gut over someone falling down, we take pride in the fact that we “get it” when it comes to “complex” jokes. Movies like Shrek and Toy Story are filled with such humour. Though, I must admit, a good tripping scene does have merit. fall down

Sometimes animated shows are not trying to be funny at all, yet they still manage to humour the adult viewer through unintentional innuendos. Can you relate? I did a double-take the other day when I was watching an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine with my son.

Please forgive me, but I thought some of the scenes in this episode were a little over the top:

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