Makeshift Entertainment 5: Peeing On The Floor

As I’ve pointed out previously, children engage in many forms of makeshift entertainment:

But let me ask you this,

What could possibly be more entertaining for a toddler than peeing on the floor directly beside the potty?makeshift entertainment 5 peeing on the floor

It’s like watching a movie where you can see the killer lurking around the corner and you know he’s going to strike down the main character at any second… then he whips it out and pees on his feet instead…

…Or something like that. Pure hilarity.

By no means do I expect my 2 year old to be able to use the potty at this point, but I do find it interesting that he consistently pees directly in front of the potty.  If only there was a device to solve this issue. makeshift entrainment 5 peeing on the floor

I must admit, from his perspective the whole situation must be quite fun:

  • He is diaper-freemakeshift entrainment 5 peeing on the floor
  • He gets to make a fountain (like at the local splash pad) makeshift entrainment 5 peeing on the floor
  • He gets a reaction out of his parents makeshift entrainment 5 peeing on the floor
  • If he is quick enough he gets to jump in a puddle makeshift entrainment 5 peeing on the floor
  • He evokes the power of sweet irony by strategically peeing so close to the pottymakeshift entrainment 5 peeing on the floor
  • I read him a story after I’ve mopped up called “Once Upon A Potty” and talk about how missing the potty is a common mistake when starting out. Yay! Story time!

Seriously, what could be more fun?!  It makes ME think twice about hitting the target when I go.


Anyone else have a toddler who enjoys peeing on the floor? What did it take to get your toddler to hit the target?

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